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8 Watertown Heroes

This morning I was thinking about Watertown people that inspire me.  They’re heroes in my eyes because in one way or another they make a difference.

1. Kathleen Deutsch

kathleenI honestly can’t conjure up a list of local heroes without first thinking of my wife. Truth be told, it was her investment in our four daughters that turned out such amazing young women.  She’s always my #1 hero.



2. Kyle Schull

I don’t know Kyle very well, but I know his parents, Jan & Lee.  But that doesn’t matter.  kyle schullThe fact that this young man is out there putting his life on the line as a Marine inspires me, and I consider him one of Watertown’s heroes.  I pray for Kyle’s safety and invite you to join me.



3. Tim Toomey

timTim is the new Assistant Police Chief.  In addition to his work protecting Watertown as a police officer, Tim’s involved in community service activities like helping needy kids.  I can’t begin to imagine what the life of a police officer must be like.  In my eyes, Tim and all his colleagues are all heroes.


4. Bill Zubke

billBill is the epitome of a professional educator.  He’s the teacher every parent wants for their child.  He’s passionate about teaching, knows his stuff, and loves kids.  Bill once shared with me an old adage that “kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Bill retired from teaching some years ago but is still making a difference in Watertown and the region through his public speaking and motivational sessions.  Bill, like all great teachers, is a hero in my eyes.



5. Heath Heggelund

Heath is the guy that heads up a community organization that makes heathdreams come true for kids that might not always get a good start in life — the Watertown Boys and Girls Club.  Heath’s charge is to lead the organization “to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.”  To me, Heath is the Chief Hero Officer in an organization of Heroes.


6. Fr. Paul Rutten

paulFr. Paul is the priest at Immaculate Conception parish and is the diocese Vocation Director.   I believe any man called to the priesthood is a hero.  Fr. Paul is gifted, and I feel blessed to have him here in Watertown.



7. Steve Thorson

Steve is a hero because he’s trying to make a stevedifference as our Mayor.  There’s no educational class you can take or book you can read on how to be a mayor or any other type of leader.  It’s a combination of common sense and fire in your belly.  It’s easy to sit back and do nothing, or worse, to sit back and complain.  Steve cares enough to put himself out there to run and serve as mayor.  If you’ve never run for anything before, trust me, it can be a scary deal.  It’s a person’s passion to make a difference that helps you move beyond the jitters.  I think of Steve and all his predecessors as heroes.

8. Susan Munger

I think Susan is a hero because she’s an every day person that’s doing something to make a difference in her own life.  How many of us as we get older just kick back and coast?  When I watch Susan doing pull-ups at age 68, I just shake my head and think, wow.  This woman inspires me.  Click on the 12 second video and see what I mean.

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