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Dr. Fred Deutsch is a former South Dakota legislator and former Watertown School Board Member. During his time in the legislature, he served on the Education Committee, the Commerce Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee. He is currently President of South Dakota Right to Life.  Contact him via phone at (605) 868-9010 or email

Praise for the Student Bodily Privacy Act authored by Dr. Fred Deutsch

February 29, 2016: “Privacy Protected: Why South Dakota’s Bathroom Law Is Common Sense” by Bob Trent, Alliance Defending Freedom

February 25, 2016: “The Obama Administration Descends (Further) into Lawlessness in the Battle over Transgender Students” by David French, National Review

February 19, 2016: Attorney Roger Severino, director of the Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society, has analyzed the Student Privacy Act and recommends it for other states. Please read his article “What Locker Rooms Should Boys Who Identify as Girls Be Allowed to Use? South Dakota’s Answer Respects All

January 25, 2016: Statement from the Roman Catholic Bishops of South Dakota Regarding Proposed Legislation on Accommodation Based Upon Gender
“We the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church in South Dakota support House Bill 1008 because it protects the rights and respects the innate dignity of all persons in our schools.”
Read the full statement by Bishops Robert D. Gruss and Paul J. Swain by clicking here.

News and Interviews

January 1, 2017: “Bathroom Bills on Trial – National Conference of State Legislatures” by Joellen Kralik, NSCL

April 21, 2016: “GOP culture war breaks out over transgender bathrooms: Trump escalates debate with his own shrug on an issue that has the GOP in fits” by Sarah Wheaton, Politico

April 20, 2016: “Whitney: Fred Deutsch’s losing battle by Stu Whitney, Argus Leader
A surprisingly deep interview about Fred’s life, faith and policies

April 19, 2016:  “The political and legal storms developing in other states over transgender and religious freedom legislation” video interview by Stu Whitney,  Argus Leader. The interview begins at 17:22 minutes.

April 19, 2016″ “Transgender bathroom bill likely to return in 2017” by Dana Ferguson, Argus Leader

April 18, 2016: “Lawmaker who pushed bathroom bill won’t seek re-election” by Dana Ferguson, Argus Leader

April 18, 2016″ “Breaking it down with Fred Deutsch” by Stu Whitney, Argus Leader

April 18, 2016: “Change of Plans: Withdrawing from the 2016 Race by Representative Fred Deutsch

March 22, 2016: “Legislature readily approves broader abortion restrictions” by Bob Mercer, The Daily Republic

January 28, 2016: “Bicycles get off the Road” by Bike Sioux Falls

March 18, 2016: “South Dakota governor signs bill forcing abortionists to tell moms chemical abortion is reversible” by Fr. Mark Hodges,

March 16, 2016: “South Dakota governor signs bill banning abortions beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy” by Jonah Hicap,

March 14, 2016: “South Dakota becomes 13th state to adopt 20-week abortion ban” by Courtney Crandell, World

March 11, 2016: “South Dakota bans abortions after 20 weeks as governor signs bill into law” by Fr. Mark hodges, Lifesite News

March 10, 2016: “Daugaard approves 20-week abortion ban” by Dana Ferguson, Argus Leader
Rep. Fred Deutsch first introduced this bill in the House

March 9, 2016: “BREAKING: South Dakota passes four major pro-life bills” by Fr. Mark Hodges,

March 8, 2016: “Medical Marijuana Bill Dies In House” by Jenifer Jones, SDPB Radio
This features some of Rep. Fred Deutsch’s debate in the House

March 4, 2016: “South Dakota governor vetoes bill keeping boys out of girls’ bathrooms” by Fr. Mark Hodges,

March 4, 2017: “South Dakota Legislature Kills ‘Transgender Bathroom Bill’” by The Stream

March 3, 2016: “Vote to Override South Dakota ‘Bathroom Bill’ Veto Narrowly Fails” by Katy Steinmetz, Time

March 3, 2016: ” South Dakota House Fails to Override Transgender Bill Veto“, by Woody Gottburg, KSCJ

March 3, 2016: “South Dakota House fails to override transgender bill veto” by AP

March 2, 2016: “South Dakota Governor Rejects Transgender Bathroom Bill” by CBN News

March 2, 2016: “South Dakota GOP Governor Has No Problem With Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms” by Ryan T. Anderson, The Daily Signal

March 2, 2016: “Local reaction to South Dakota transgender bathroom bill veto” by Tiffany Lane, KTVI/NBC

March 2, 2016: “South Dakota Governor Vetoes Transgender Bathroom Bill” by Matt Pearce, Tribune News Service/Governing

March 2, 2016: “South Dakota governor vetoes transgender bathroom bill” by Greg Botelho and Wayne Drash, CNN

March 2, 2016: “South Dakota Governor Vetoes Transgender Bathroom Restriction Bill” by Colleen Curry, Vice News

March 2, 2016: “Transgender Bathroom Ban Finds Surprise Opponent in South Dakota” by Bob Eschliman, Charismanews

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota governor vetoes law on transgender bathrooms” by James Nord and Dirk Lammers, Associated Press

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota Governor Vetoes Transgender Bathroom Bill by Kelsey Harkness, The Daily Signal

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota Governor vetoes law on transgender bathrooms” by Chicago Tribune

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota Governor Vetoes Restriction on Transgender Bathroom Access” by Mitch Smith, New York Times

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota governor vetoes anti-transgender bathrooms law” by CBS News

March 1, 2016: “State Rep Fred Deutsch’s Statement on HB 1008 Veto” by Pat Powers, South Dakota War College

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota governor vetoes bill that would have restricted transgender students” by Emma Brown, The Washington Post

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota governor vetoes bill to force trans students to use bathrooms based on sex at birth” by the Associated Press

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota transgender bill vetoed: Law would restrict student bathroom assess” by AP

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota governor vetoes transgender bathroom bill, saying it ‘invites conflict and litigation’” by Matt Pearce, Los Angles Times

March 1, 2016: “South Dakota Governor Vetoes Bill on Transgender Bathrooms” by NBC News

March 1, 2016: “Daugaard vetoes ‘Transgender Bathroom Bill’” by Michael Geheren, The Volante

February 25, 2016: “South Dakota governor considers transgender restroom bill” by Bill Kirkos, CNN

February 25, 2016: “Transgender Students and ‘Bathroom Laws’ in South Dakota and Beyond” by Katie Rogers, The New York Times

February 25, 2016: “South Dakota Bill on Transgender Students’ Bathroom Access Draws Ire” by Mitch Smith, New York Times

February 24, 2016: “South Dakota Transgender Bathroom Bill: How ‘Reasonable Accomodations’ Can Be Problematic For Trans Students” by Julia Glum, IBT

February 22, 2016: “The fight over transgender rights in school restrooms intensifies” by Lisa Leff, Associated Press/PBS

February 18, 2016: “South Dakota Transgender Bathroom Bill Heads to South Dakota Governor” by Mariana Barillas, The Daily Signal

February 18, 2016: “South Dakota to require meningitis vaccinations” by Bob Mercer, Grand Forks Herald

February 17, 2016: “South Dakota May Be First State To Ban Transgender Bathrooms” by Carly Rolph, The Daily Caller

February 17, 2016: “State to Slam Door on Transgender School Bathrooms” by World Net Daily

February 17, 2016: “Transgender bathroom bill puts South Dakota in  the national spotlight” by Matt Roper, KSFY

February 16, 2016: “SD Senate approves Rep. Deutsch’s transgender bathroom bill” by Associated Press,

February 16, 2016: “South Dakota Could Pass ‘Bathroom Bill’ Affecting Transgender Students” by Katy Steinmetz, Time

February 11, 2016: “HB 1008 Bathroom Debate Brings Strong Emotions from Transgender Community” by Sheryl McKnelly, KDLT News

February 10, 2016: “South Dakota Could Become The First State To Officially Recognize The Biological Difference Between Boys And Girls” by Freedom News

February 10, 2016: “Senate passes bill to require interviews of veteran job seekers” by Bob Mercer, Rapid City Journal

February 6, 2016: “S.D. becoming battleground for transgender issues” by Dana Ferguson, Argus Leader

January 30, 2016: “South Dakota Bans Students From Using Opposite-Sex Bathrooms” by Blake Neff, The Daily Caller

January 27, 2016: “SD House passes bill banning transgender students from restrooms, locker rooms of choice” by Forum News Service, Dickinson Press

January 25, 2016: “Rep. Deutsch’s transgender ‘bathroom bill’ gets committee hearing today” audio interview with Rep.Fred Deutsch by

January 25, 2016: Dakota Midday: HB1008 With Rep. Fred Deutsch by Lori Walsh, South Dakota Public Radio/BBC World Service

January 24, 2016: “A House Bill Dealing With Transgender Students and School Bathrooms Creates Controversy” by Blaise Keller, KDLT News

January 16, 2016: “Bicycles Get Off the Road” by Bike Sioux Falls

January 9, 2016: “Pro-Life Group Plan Push In Pierre” by KCCR Radio

December 26, 2015: “S.D. 2016 Legislature: Medicaid, teacher pay among key issues” by Dana Ferguson, Argus Leader


November 24, 2015: “Bill proposes regulating transgender bathroom use” by Mark Roper, KSFY TV/ABC

November 23, 2015: “S.D. might take up transgender bathroom bill in 2016” by Dana Ferguson, Argus Leader

November 11, 2015: “Rep. Fred Deutsch taking the pro-life message from SDRTL to campuses across South Dakota” by @SoDakCampaigns, South Dakota War College

October 28, 2015: “Jacks for Life welcomes State Rep. Fred Deutsch to club meeting” by Ian Lack, The Collegian

September 15, 2015: “Deutsch named president of S.D. Right-to-Life by Watertown Public Opinion

September 7, 2015: “South Dakota abortion foe shares his plans” by Mark Russo, KELO Radio

August 11, 2015: “Agency: No evidence of fetal tissue sale in South Dakota” by James Nord, Associated Press/The Washington Times

July 27, 2015: “South Dakota Legislator Wants to Jail Anyone Who Sells Body Parts of Aborted Babies” by Sarah Zagorski,

July 24, 2015: “Deutsch wants broader ban against sales from abortions” by Bob Mercer, The Daily Republic

July 8, 2015: “My Other Pickup’s A Bike” by Lee Schoenbeck, South Dakota Magazine

February 27, 2015: “With K-8 grades, Big Stone school to remain funded” by Bob Mercer, The Daily Republic

January 31, 2015: “South Dakota bill aims to save Big Stone School” by the Associated Press, KSFY

January 31, 2015: “Big Stone School might side-step consolidation” by Bob Mercer, Watertown Public Opinion

January 31, 2015: “Bill Aims to Save Small-Town School on SD/MN Border, by Associated Press, CBS Minnesota

January 28, 2016: “State Representatives work to keep school aid in Big Stone City” by KSFY News

October 23, 2014: “Fred Deutsch” pre-election interview by Bob Mooney, Watertown Public Opinion

February 2, 2014: “Fred Deutsch to run for District 4 House” by @SoDakCampaigns, South Dakota War College

January 1, 2014: Issue statements by Fred Deutsch at

November 1, 2012: “Duetsch Strikes Back with Democrat Backers” by caheidelberger,

August 24, 2011: “Advocating from the School Board Bench” by Patrick R. Riccards,





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