Binge Eating

chipsI tell myself I’m only going to have a small treat.

But then my will power goes out the window.

I can’t stop.

I eat way more than I intended.

Does this happen to you too?  Despite what you might think, you’re not alone. Binge eating is extremely common for just about anyone who likes food and needs to manage their weight (i.e. most people).

So I’m asking for you to share.  How do you manage and control your cravings?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Peter

    July 26, 2013 at 6:13 am

    I super struggle with this one.

    There are two things that I’ve been doing lately to try and minimize binges.

    The first thing I do is try to recognize when I’m bingeing and become aware of it. Often a binge happens because of ‘unconscious eating’. When I realize what’s going on, I pump the brakes, put down the snack, and walk away and do something else.

    The other way I manage binges is controlling what it is I’m “bingeing” on. Lets say I really feel like snacking and munching. If I know that I’m going to eat a bunch of something, I try to make sure it’s a food that will be less detrimental to my body than, let’s say, ice cream or chips.

    Last night was my TV night with Amber and I ended up plowing through about a 1/2 pound of cherries and a few handfuls of almonds. Still probably not the best thing in the world, but better than a bunch of sugar.

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